About The MajesticVoice Chorus
Dedicated to supporting the local arts and those in our community. Let US Sing For YOU!

  • Nursing homes / assisted and independent living communities
  • Hospitals
  • Military memorials and dedications
  • Patriotic celebrations
  • Charity events
  • Fundraisers
  • Publicity events
  • Business dinners or luncheons
  • Holiday gatherings
Musical Memories 2022
At Christmas 2020, MajesticVoice created a DVD constructed of a “socially distanced” version of our chorus, several solos, and some highlights from some of our past Christmas Shows. This performance along with a copy of our Noel CD was provided for free to senior living centers in Northeast Ohio.  In May 2021,the chorus just finished recording a new program for free distribution on DVD to Senior Living Centers with a theme of Inspiring America.  Just our way of trying to continue servicing and uplifting others during these difficult times.
Every gift makes a difference and makes it possible for MajesticVoice to “Give Back To The Local Community”.  On behalf of all those who will benefit from your commitment, MajesticVoice Chorus, and the community affected by our programs, thank you for your consideration as you make your contributions. All donations are tax-deductible.  If you would like to request a MajesticVoice W-9 Taxpayer ID Number and Certification Form, phone 330-854-5061.

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